What does it mean to be a HAHA member?

It’s Simple… HOPE

Become a member

A member is more than simply a person who has taken a few minutes to sign up, it’s more than simply a person who pays membership fees. A member becomes part of an online community, a community that has come together to change the lives of local families in serious need of assistance. Together with your membership we will be able to help thousands of families every single year.

Members will receive “Feature Family of the Month” web episodes of the families you have helped. You will get to hear their stories, understand their situations and learn how you have been able to make their lives better. In addition, depending on which level of membership you choose you can also receive exclusive monthly discounts on local businesses or even a chance to win a weekend getaway.

So let’s get this straight….

  • Less than 5 minute sign up
  • As low as 99 cents a month
  • Change the lives of local sick children and their families
  • See exactly who and how you have helped via the “Featured family of the Month” web episodes
  • Receive membership discounts around the city
  • AND a chance to win a weekend getaway

Again… all for as little as 99 cents a month.