Hello World

January 01, 2019

Who am I and why this blog?

const message = `haha world!`


About Me

I’ve spent more or less the last decade immersed in digital media and the internet, first as an artist and since 2017 as a software developer. I currently work at Cloudburst, SBC helping founders leverage software to start new ventures.

Why A Blog?

This project stemmed from a few impulses, largely selfish. One, I was interested in learning about React and putting together a blog using Gatsby seemed like a good way to do that. Second, I’d like to document solutions to problems I encounter in the course of doing software development, if only for myself to reference in the future. Finally, I find writing to be a useful tool for helping solidify my knowledge about the things I learn.

Written by nic wilson who lives and works in Minneapolis building useful things. You should follow him on Twitter