Laughter is & always will be the best medicine

We wanted to put a great laughter quote here, but you know what… We can speak from experience when we say this.

Night after night, day after day spent laying in the hospital. Birthdays missed, Canada Day fireworks unseen, Christmas only a memory from past years, medicine that makes you sick, sickness that makes you scared. This is reality for so many children and their loved ones standing by their side. There was always one thing though… one thing that could make all of that disappear even if only for a brief moment.


Have you ever tried to laugh when someone you love is very sick?

Have you ever tried to laugh when you want to be there for them but you need to go to work to pay the bills, to pay for groceries, to put a roof over the family’s head, gas in your car?

It’s not so easy is it?

The Help at Home Association is here to change all of that for these deserving families. 

We want them to laugh as often as they can. We want them to forget the battle, if even just for a moment, and we’re doing that by lifting some financial weight and stress off of their shoulders.

Whether it’s covering the mortgage/rent, utilities and groceries or prescriptions, rides, daycare and more, we will make a difference.